Thoughts of Doubt are Weapons of Satan

Satan is really good at filling our thoughts with lies that keep us in bondage. When we have thoughts of doubt about what good things are possible for us, we should recognize them as weapons that Satan is using to keep us from being all that God created us to be. Our greatest weapons against Satan’s attacks are the Word of God and prayer. In the same way Jesus rebuked Satan’s attacks with the truth of God’s word, we also have the ability to diffuse the negative thoughts in our minds with the Word of God. God is with us and will help us through all of life’s trials if we only do our part by letting the truth of His word permeate our minds and hearts to claim the victory over Satan and his attacks.

Jeremiah 23:29 says that God’s word is like fire and a hammer that breaks rock into pieces. God’s word shatters Satan’s lies. Another way to diffuse Satan’s lies is through prayer, which keeps us connected to the power of God and encourages us with the truth that God is with us in all of our circumstances and provides us victory through our trials.

Don’t let Satan’s lies keep you from being all that God created you to be!





One thought on “Thoughts of Doubt are Weapons of Satan

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